Business class final Essay

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choice of topicThis essay needs to be about a business ethical decision. So you need to find a topic that has to do with something a business is choosing to do that is happening now (or recently) that you want to argue needs to change on ethical or justice grounds, and apply an ethical theory or justice theory covered in class to do so.•The topic – ideally pre-approved by me – must be a specific real business case, with linked citation in the text(not a government policy issue), either currently occuring or within the last year or two.• You can use either MLA or APA citation style for your sources. Just pick one and keep it throughout.•Write a 700-1000 word essay on this topic, describing the issue and the ethical problem and then arguing for a solution based on any of the major ethical approaches covered in class as noted below(except of course relativism or egoism). The more important the issue is to society, the more points you will get.•Avoid cases that are obviously illegal or unethical as you need to write an argument that isn’t already going to be obvious to most readers going in.Essentially, you want to look for something that a company is doing that should arguably change, and explain how and why.•Youwill need to apply one of the 6 ethical/justice approaches we covered in class in order to support your argument, namely, act utility (Bentham), rule utility, (Mill), virtue theory (Aristotle), deontology (Kant), contractarianism (Rawls), or libertarianism (Nozick).Finally, I’m looking forward to learning from you all, which is why this is always my favorite part of the semester!08/05/202016businessfinance