Business Analysis of St Anns Hospice

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The services provided by the hospice are not charged. the cost of these services is covered by the state – at a percentage of 35% – and by the public. the number of people supported by the hospice has been estimated to 3000 – on an annual basis. under certain terms, care is provided in the people’s homes – additionally to the services provided in the hospice’s sites (corporate website, the home page). The care provided by the hospice is developed within a specific time framework – i.e. no long term care is provided. in accordance with the corporate website, the care provided by the hospice can be of one of the following forms: ‘inpatient services, day therapy, and community services’ (corporate website, the home page). the target set by the administrators of the hospice is that people are given the care required and return home within a specific period of time – it has been estimated that the average time of stay in the hospice is 14 days (corporate website, the home page). The above target does not affect the quality of the services provided to the patients/ individuals who need specific care services. in fact, the care provided by the staff of the hospice is of high quality – as possible. the control over the time required for the completion of each program – referring to the care services provided to each individual/ patient by the staff of the hospice – is important for increasing the number of people treated by the hospice’s staff, i.e. to increase the number of cases handled by the staff of the hospice on a regular basis.The mission statement of St Ann’s Hospice can help to understand the role of the specific institution within the community. in accordance with the organization’s mission statement, ‘St Ann’s Hospice offers the highest levels of support and palliative care, both through its hospices and within the community, to provide people who have life-threatening illnesses with both dignity and greater quality of life’ (corporate website, About Us, Mission and Vision).