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Requirements FrameworksHe is in charge of operation in the development together with the different Project Leaders including Software Trainers, Business analysts, Software Developers and one Technical Author. The study finds out that there are about ten different projects running at any time in Ambridge Software Ltd. The different departments are expected each to contribute to the development of software in Ambridge Software Ltd through specialization (Kotonya amp. Sommerville, 1998). There are different scenarios that occur from time to time, and prompt different actions to create transformation. 2. Introduction This study evaluates different scenarios and recommends the appropriate actions for the management of the scenario in Ambridge Software Ltd (Robertson amp. Robertson, 2006). It considers the position of a staff member of Ambridge Software Ltd in relation to the decisions of Software development, as well as the position of an employee of one of the clients of Ambridge Software Ltd (Sommerville amp. Sawyer, 1997). This takes place in various scenarios, involving different authorities including the project managers, Software Developer, Software Trainer, Technical author, Business analysts and support staff. The scenarios further consider the different stages of software development such as functional specification, Design specification, programming phase. Each leader has responsibilities to manage in the process of the development process (Kotonya amp. Sommerville, 1996). This report selects scenario 1 where the company realizes that there is the realization that misunderstanding led to certain unplanned changes on some projects. In this, there was poor understanding between the customers and the development team in Ambridge Software Ltd. The system developers apparently failed to understand the software requirements and their documentation (Macaulay, 1996). From the scenario, it was appropriately decided that there should be an update in the protocol and system documentation will be installed (Yeates amp. Paul, 2006). In the initial stages, there was a meeting held with the Ambridge Software Ltd customer at different durations before the beginning of development project. At the same time, there are three intervals every month while the project is in progress (Goquen amp. Linde, 1993). The processes and the stages involve the development of reports to the project coordinator. The project leader then has the task to distribute the information to the members of the teams who are working on the project. 2. Scenario One: Report 2.1. Discussion The division of labor and specialization is a special opportunity for the Ambridge Software Ltd staff to exercise their knowledge, experience and skills in the development of the software. There should be an understanding between the customers and the development team such that the final product is satisfactory and considerate of the issues affecting the Ambridge Software Ltd customers (Finkelstein et al, 1992). This requires frequent visits to the customers’ sites to identify their needs. It becomes easy to know how the system can implement them. The second recommendation is to involve the customers in the process of testing and evaluation of the system. This removes the misunderstanding between the development team and the customers. 2.2. Recommended Approach 2.2.1. Cost and benefit Analysis The costs involved here include the costs of travelling