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Intricacies of Case Study & Consulting Karl RedmonBUSI 710 – B0701/16/2020 Dr. Debra PowellProblems & Case Studies     Case Studies provide a detailed explanation of a given situate through investigation and discovery. To slowly give it more detail, case studies were not always a good viable option to get information that was widely accepted. Instead, case studies were items to be investigated and have a constant and control within an investigative manner using facts to get a clearer answer to an issue. If we are to understand more about a case study, it is imperative to understand what a case study exactly is. You first must define a problem and then find a solution, implement the solution and then enjoy the benefits up that case study and problem being solved. A perfect example of a case study would be marketing and how case studies can provide detailed facts about the consumer so marketing campaigns can be better designed, with lower overhead costs well bringing in the maximum amount of foot traffic to a store or brand. “To graduate students and researchers unfamiliar with case study methodology, there is often misunderstanding about what a case study is and how it, as a form of qualitative research, can inform professional practice or evidence-informed decision making in both clinical and policy realms.” (Baxter, P., Jack, S, 2008, pp. 544-559)A good case study would give a business owner or science professional and understanding and explanation of every variable thanks to the case study. having answers to a problem is less of a nuisance to these professionals. The term ‘less is more’ can be applied here because Hey case study needs to have a lot of information packed into a small example. It must be well thought out and the case study must be able to give a proper explanation using less work because professionals tend to need to get to a certain point which is the answer. By providing the introduction and challenge while getting to a solution and giving the benefits would end up giving the results and the sooner these 5 can be answered, the sooner an individual will be better off. “Case study was until recently commonly considered in methodology text as a kind of ‘soft option’ possibly admissible as an exploratory precursor to some more ‘hard nose’ experiment or survey as a compliment to such approaches but of dubious value by itself.” (Robson & McCartan, 2015)Consulting & Academic IntricaciesConsulting, the wide world of a career and business that is extremely small. Consulting can come in many ways, but consulting is usually done by professional called a consultant that is usually a professional of a certain field that gives advice and training to another group or specific person. A consultant is usually a very broad term that anyone can use if they professionally give advice a suggestion for a profit. The Top consulting firms would be human resources, business management and financial consulting. Even a professor or a teacher can be considered a consultant because education is given in turn for profit. What makes a good example of consulting would be anyone that needs help with their organization or business due to a lack of resources or professionals in that given field. Usually CPA firms are hired out for smaller businesses that do not have an accounting department. the same goes for bigger organizations or companies that give consulting and career advice to executives. “A firm, for example, might only occasionally need to enter a new market, defend against a new entrant, face a new regulation, adapt to a shift in consumer preferences, encounter a new technology, or encounter a major exogenous shift in the market. Most firms are probably fairly proficient at routine reoccurring decisions (given extensive past experimentation) relative to new unexpected decisions.” (Shugan, 2004, pp. 173-179)Annotated Bibliography Baxter, P., & Jack, S. (2008). Qualitative Case Study Methodology: Study Design and Implementation for Novice Researchers. The Qualitative Report, 13(4), 544-559. Retrieved from authors of this article gives a professional summary of qualitative case study methodology. Their understanding of the subject material shows promise in qualitative case study methodology but does not show quantitative methodology on the same subject. There seems to be a lack of common ground on some instances with a lack of teamwork and presenting the subject. Shugan, S. (2004). Consulting, Research, and Consulting Research. Marketing Science, 23(2), pp. 173-179 DOI 10.1287/mksc.1040.0078This article gives a thorough explanation of consulting, research and consulting research , however it also gives biased opinions based on some unclear facts of consulting research period when a reader reads this article, it should be taken into account that the information within this article is , in fact, of good quality information and references. Robson, C., & McCartan, K. (2015). Real World Research, 4th Edition. John Wiley & Sons.