Building Construction Site Constraints

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Geotechnical engineering is basically concerned with the behavior of rocks and soil present at any specific area. The fields of study included in geotechnical engineering are rock mechanics, soil mechanics, and design of the foundation. Geotechnical engineering is of extreme importance in site development and plays a great role in designing the foundation of a building. Rowe (2001) found that the engineers study the behavior of soil and rocks in order to determine their chemical and physical properties which are necessary to be investigated before designing the foundations of a building. Then based on the investigations the engineer’s design a soil stabilization system in order to overcome the identified problems.Geotechnical engineers start the design process by taking soil samples from the land on which the building is to be constructed in order to determine the environmental impact of the soil. Other factors that are investigated during the tests include soil stability, chemical properties of soil, and the presence of air pockets in the soil. The result of these tests acts as the foundation for the site development because the tests not only reveal the soil behavior but also help in finding suitable solutions to the identified problems. The results are used to design suitable foundations for the building which is to be developed on that site. The complexity of the design of the foundations depends on the condition of the soil. Day (2000) asserts that if the condition of the soil is found normal, the foundation’s design will also be simple but in case the soil is found unstable then the design of the foundation will be complex. Geotechnical engineering not only involves designing the foundations for the buildings but also it is involved in designing the earth support structures which play a supporting role in the construction of roads, dams, and tunnels. Sullivan (2010) asserts that contamination is the making of some clean environment impure by contact or mixture with some substance that is impure or unclean.