Build A Class Named Point That Represent Points In In Three

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Build a class named Point that represent points in in three

dimensional space that has the following properties:

  1. It contains three double variables x, y, z representing the components as instance variables.
  2. It includes a default constructor that initialize x, y, and z to 0.
  3. It include a constructor that requires three arguments one for each component with default value of 0.
  4. It include a method to translate (move) the point by dx, dy, and dz in the x, y, and z direction respectively. That is new x component should become x + dx.

Use C++

g++ -0 Point Point. cpp
Testing class Point :
p1 point with default constructor : (0,0,0)
P2 point with Parametrization : (1,2,3)
Moving point P2 to +1 position in X direction :
P2 Point…Engineering Technology