Bud Light as a Marketing Element of the Beer Industry

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The communications style chosen to represent specific beers are more successful than the competition, thus improving they’re per brand sales with a strong attribution toward marketing.It is necessary to understand the current positioning strategy of Bud Light in comparison to other competitive brands and/or activities in this bear market in order to understand how this particular brand is received by its target consumer. The Anheuser-Busch company has operated over a prolonged period, thus gaining both consumer recognition by brand names alone, as well as through its many publicized activities in relation to corporate social responsibility (, 3). In many different markets, not just the niche market, the name Bud Light is synonymous with many historical brand catchphrases and the product is also deeply rooted in lifestyle at the community and social levels. Though there are other beers in this same category offered by the competition, some with similar recognition and preference pre-established, Bud Light builds effective marketing by identifying with consumer behaviors most commonly recognized in their target groups.The Elaboration Likelihood model has based on the premise that attitudes are a predictor of decision-making, with two forms of persuasion, central and peripheral. Under this model, ads contain cogent reasons as a central association and the involvement to which a consumer is directed to consider its message, recall the information and their personal judgment.