Bring film camera back

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Every picture represents image captured by a film camera is unique thus the need to bring back film camera (Pepper 104).A digital photo refers to the photos captured using digital cameras. The digital cameras capture images in memory of the device and can be previewed to determine the quality of the photos. The photos are developed using a printer where the quality of the printer has a significant influence on the quality of the final picture. The pictures captured using digital cameras can be edited using photo editing software to eliminate some flaws in the images. The storage limit of the pictures in a digital camera is determined by the size of the memory stick while that of a film camera depends on the size of the film. The photographer using a digital camera is likely to take many shots compared to a photographer using a film camera. For a photographer using a film camera, each shot counts thus of better quality compared to a digital camera (Pepper 106).Film camera images can not be previewed before they are produced. This makes the theme represent the moment captured rather than a theme that has been edited into the picture. Photo editing software can not be effectively used in film cameras. Photo editing software can change the background and correct some of the errors on the photo. This affect the originality of the photo since the content of the photo does not represent the actual moment. The lack of originality in the photo has an effect on how the photographer and owner of the photo relates to the picture. Photos from a film camera are treasured because the loss of the negative means that copies of the picture can not be produced.Digital pictures can be stored in the internet where they are safe. Most digital images are small in size and a memory card can store many images. Once the pictures are stored in another location, the memory card can be cleared to hold more pictures. A film can only be used once