Branding and Marketing Competition

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The main objective of this competition is to bring together students from different universities to compete at a common platform, allowing them to interact and develop their creative skills. It brings together the most creative and skilled students from all universities to socialize and learn from each other. It aims to provide a pleasant environment in which students combine their academic knowledge to develop their management, interpersonal and analytical skills. I shall be inviting notable professionals from the marketing arena who would give their appropriate feedback to the students to widen their scope and build upon their skills.
The scope of this competition includes the students from various business schools in the country and also the specialized people working in the marketing and advertising field to guide and judge the students appropriately. Students will be encouraged to make innovative advertisements for different brands in the market and they will be provided a virtual platform to display and enhance their skills.
A three-minute advertisement should be made by a group of 2-4 students of a given brand. The participants must upload the ad on an online website before a specified deadline. The voting shall be done online by the students of the participating universities. The top ten advertisements shall be selected and invited for the final round. In the final round, the participants will be asked to defend their ads and themes in front of a panel of specialized people who would judge and finally select the top three advertisements. The top team three teams will be awarded cash prizes, trophies, and certificates.