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The application of change management in the company can lead to resistance to employees. Motivation is an important factor that can encourage and influence employees to be efficient and enthusiastic. Some of the staffs that are working at Siemens thrive on responding to challenges and prosper on the problem-solving part. The employees of the company feel valued and believe that they are provided opportunity and motivation to be imaginative. An extraordinary level of performance culture can exist in the organization when every member value contribution of each other and share the same vision and trust. According to Klaus Kleinfeld, CEO of Siemens, the overall operations of Siemens is based on high-performance team culture. Moreover, Kleinfeld also believes that the valuable resource of the company is the quality of teams and people who are rightly involved in the part of success. The success of the business is dependent upon the performance of the total organization, teams, and each individual. The performance and productivity of the organization can be dependent upon leadership style and application of effective leadership strategy. This prime purpose of the paper is to provide a vivid explanation of the performance-based working culture of Siemens. The study of social administrations and organizations such as bureaucracies and businesses is known as the organizational theory. Moreover, it is also studying interrelationship with the background of operation. Furthermore, it also complements the study of organizational behavior, leadership, industrial psychology, human resource studies, and management. The application of organizational theory can create a huge influence on the complete performance of any organization. The role of management is to make resources productive by managing managers, workers, and business.