Border control for imigration

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Strict border control laws are a need for today’s American society as such laws will provide protection to current workforce of America and to protect taxpayers right to access welfare. Body During the period of 1814, Francis Scott Key stated that the land of America is free and houses the bravest of all and today American society comprises of people belonging from different ethnic background (Hart 36). To a certain extend this has proven to be quite advantageous for the American society and its members, but now it is proving to hurt the already existing citizens of America. One of the reasons due to which the notion promoted by Francis Scott Key and poor border control policies has hurt the Americans is that due to increase in illegal immigration, the existing nationals of America face a higher fear of remaining unemployed. When illegal immigrants make to the American nation, they tend to take up jobs that do not require much skill set and the current citizens of US who are lack skills to work in high paying jobs end up being jobless. According the census bureau of the nation under discussion, during the period of 2009, there were a total of more than 61k high school graduates belonging to different races and both male as well as female gender (United States Census Bureau 1). These fresh high school graduates lack skills and abilities as compared to the skills and abilities of college and bachelor level students and they are more likely to pursue careers in low paying jobs. If border control laws are not tightened then these high school students would fail to secure a careers and will fail to meet the needs of their own and their family members. Those who believe that strict border control is not essential defend their stance by stating that illegal immigration does not decrease employment opportunities for natives of US as the immigrants are not capable of speaking good English. For example: Peri states that although increase in immigrant population create competition in areas of work where physical skills are required, but they cannot compete in areas where both physical and communication skills are required, thus native Americans have a competitive advantage over immigrants as they are well rehearsed with English speaking skills (Peri 165). Another issue with relaxed border control laws is that, these laws make the American taxpayers vulnerable and threatens their welfare. The United States have created a system through which it reimburses individuals for staying idle or they help those who are unemployed. This and several other benefits provided by the US for its citizens seem quite lucrative to people living in those nations where government does not contribute to the wellbeing of their citizens. In order to capitalize on such benefits, immigrants tend to move to United States from the host nations. Due to this, the tax payers who have tremendously added to the treasury of the United States for so many years end up being limited from their right of attaining welfare receipts as the welfare system even aids those who are not legally living in US. Those who contradict strict border laws state that the illegal immigrants add instead of eating the subsidy provided by the government. For example: