Books of the Bible

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Numbers -This book explains how Israel prepared to enter their promised land and it covers the years at Sinai and Moab. Numbers also describes events that are guided by God, who is perceived as a deliverer. Deuteronomy-Deuteronomy is significant because it covers the greatness of God to future generations. It reminds people of God’s blessings and waits await them in the promised land.Joshua -Joshua is significant because it provides a history of the Israelites. In this book, we become aware of the division of the tribes. Joshua encourages the Israelites to continue to follow God. Judges-This book is a historical account of what occurred in Israel. Judges demonstrate the power of God as well as his forgiveness and restoration.Ruth -Ruth is a narrative that illustrates the strength of character through faith in God by examining the relationship between Ruth and Naomi. God’s grace can be seen in this account. ISamuel -This historical book records the lie of Samuel, who was a judge. The book also covers the reign of Saul, which leads up to the life of David. II Samuel -This book is historical and records the anointing of David and how effective leadership can be when it is directed by God. The essence of this book is to demonstrate David’s ability to lead.I Kings -This historical account is a continuation of Samuel, commenting on the history of the Israelites from the reign of David to the fall of Israel. II Kings -Another historical account that emphasizes what happens when people refuse to live under the leadership of God. Elisha’s ministry is covered as well as the fall of the northern kingdom.