Book Review/summary for Lawson B ( 2005) How Designers Think Architectural Press

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HOW DESIGNERS THINK By How Designers Think The verb design can be used to describe the process followed by a professional when coming up with a new product or an improvement of a brand. House and town schematics are examples of designs by architectures. From the book, it is can be established that design can also be used as a noun to describe the final product. The word “design” can also be used as an adjective to compare different works by designers. The purpose of this study is to understand design education and technology, mostly in the recent future, given that with the growth in technology the design field can also to grow in order to cope with the changes. Different designers with same resources will develop different products. This will lead to the growth of the argument whether design is a talent or a life learned skills. Design as a noun and adjective are the main reference in the book.
Lawson gives much information from a professional perspective meant for people in the field. It feels that the work done is to help people already established in the field and not students. He also puts much emphasis on the design in one field while design can be vast. For designers in the building industries, houses are not the only structures they can concentrate on. Other structures like roads, dams and even towns fall in their line of work (Lawson, 2006)
According to Lawson, it is noteworthy that there is a need for team building in design field. It is evident that the designer understands not all requirement of a new product. The designer needs to bring, all the stakeholder on board, in order to ensure that the design we make satisfies all stakeholders. In case there is no teamwork, the product will be favouring a particular group of people leaving the others out. It is also noteworthy that the value attached to a well-detailed design will help future users to understand the working mechanism (Lawson, 2006). This will help in the prevention of time wastage as new designers try to understand the existing designs. Also, documentation of the design helps as study materials.
The book was effective in passing the message. The effectiveness is measured in that the topic at hand is well understood. It is also persuasive work because I noticed some practises which were done in different methods, but with the skills from the book. The message is to understand the working and thinking of a designer. It is well displayed using understandable methods. Wide ranges of illustration in the field are of great help to understand the topic. This has enhanced my understanding of the design to from a wide range of fields. The work is also from an experienced designer and challenges, and solutions are outlined to solve the different problems (Lawson, B. 2006)
After reading the works of Lawson, a lot shall change in regard to my perception of design. The changes shall range from work preparation to the final process of carrying out the actual design process. New technology shall be incorporated in my work to ensure that I produce perfect designs in future and to stand out from the other designers.

Lawson, B. (2006). How designers think: the design process demystified. Routledge.