Bond Valuation

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January 2018, Company A and Company B launched Health: US 2002, a venture development program for early-stage startups dedicated to creating a dignified, accessible, affordable, and successful aging experience, and enabling all of us to live the life we want after 65. As part of that effort they will introduce workshops and other community education programs which will require renovating existing IT Equipment. They are trying to decide to purchase or lease the IT equipment. To purchase, it would cost $15,000 upfront and $ 650 each year to maintain the machine over the course of its six- year useful life. However, a dealer has offered to lease the same equipment for a payment of $750 at the beginning of the lease plus lease payments of $3,450 per year for four years. Lease payments include all maintenance. If the discount rate is 6.25% which alternative would you choose and why?Need this to be completed in Excel with a written few sentences in excel describing why you chose the answer. Very urgent need within 20 minutes if possible or less.15/05/202020mathematics