Blood Lymphatic System and Immunity

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Blood, Lymphatic System, and Immunity Affiliation The disease tested is HIV. Once HIV blood test is done, CD4 content is less than 200µl. The symptom of diarrhea disease is a sign of a contagion that induces volume reduction and low potassium. Other potential infection likely is Leukopaenia. The high red blood cell volume is due to loss of fluid in the cells that is controlled by fluid therapy.
Medical care can involve: Counseling, Antiretroviral therapy, and the correct medical administration and control for other deceitful contagions. Reduced potassium in her blood system is as a result of Hypokalemia, which infect the cardiac function through lowering the blood pressure.
Treat diarrhea and potassium replacement.
Conduct medical laboratory test for level of urine potassium, examination of magnesium content , and an electrocardiogram (ECG)
The occurrence of HIV/AIDS in the U.S. has been steadied in past years with a replication of new cases reduction. African/American and gays are the most victimized group with 46% and 47% respectively. Majority of the patients are in stage two (CDC)
The patient is suffering from polycythemia.
The Oxygen level in arteries and erythropoietin excessive production are significant indicator of the raised Red Blood Cell (RBC) formation hormone is not due to hypoxemia or an oddly raised rbc level. The O2 high capacity level would show if there is a physiologic agent trigger for the raised erythrocyte production.
Phlebotomy is the allowing of blood reception into a circulation system, medical analytics testing, or experimental processes.
Phlebotomy refer to the whole elimination of the whole blood. it extracts blood cells and plasma from the circulatory system. The plasma substance is altered within days. however the RBC take numerous weeks to be replaced.
Myelosuppressive therapy is a medical remedy for the inhibition of the bone marrow’s creation of blood cells and platelets.
Myelosuppressive healing may be necessary to inhibit the red blood cell production in the bone marrow tissue if the condition continues to elevate after the phlebotomies
Thrombocythemia and Thrombocytosis are the status of the body characterized by higher platelets in the blood system than normal level.
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