Biotechnology as a Result from the Combinational Use of the Knowledge from Pure Sciences

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In the state of Hessen, things are viewed differently and there is tremendous public and political support for biotechnology firms to locate there. As a research-based industry sector, biotechnology requires strong professional networks and information exchanges between all researchers to reduce duplication of work and instead speed up the process because there is stiff competition among firms that result in short product and innovation cycles. This means alliances between suppliers and researchers are crucial for success in this field. This German state provided the right nurturing environment by giving opportunities for all these to occur. The result is that there is a highly-concentrated cluster of biotechnology companies in Hessen today. This also includes pharmaceutical and industrial chemical manufacturing firms clustered in areas like Marburg, Giessen, Frankfurt, Offenbach, Kassel and Darmstadt. Within this region, itself are some 17 universities with biotechnology laboratory research facilities, 3 research hospitals, 31 technology transfer centres and 24 other additional research facilities. The sheer preponderance of these facilities helps to produce a good breeding ground for the very spirit of inquiry that fuels research endeavours along with pure talent and good innovative ideas, the crucial requirements for long-term success in the biotechnology sector. In particular, the biotechnology industry is encouraged and supported in the region with financial assistance and the right political environment as well.