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Some of the information requires to be translated into taste, sound, touch and smell. This is why this system is important since it performs these actions. The system also controls body nerves The three systems are responsible in the communication of the body parts. Without one part, one path of relaying body signals will be incomplete. That is, failure of one system will lead automatically to bodily disorders. Every organ being vital assists the other systems in ensuring that the body parts functions well. Autonomic nervous system The function of this system is to control the functioning of the internal organs like intestines, heart and stomach. Additionally, this system is responsible in controlling some of the body muscles. For example, most of the time we do not recognize when the heart beats increase or when the blood vessels contract and expand, this one is responsible for the autonomic nervous system to take care of. Therefore the system conveys information from all parts of the body. This system is normally Co ordinated by the hypothalamus and the system is a significant homeostasis process. Endocrine system This system consists of glands which produce hormones to the blood streams. It produces chemicals which assist in controlling the body’s metabolic activities. … The hypothalamus is an area between the brain stem and cerebrum that is responsible for controlling sleep patterns, body temperature, thirst, hunger, visual and auditory reflexes. Andersen and J. M. (2002, p.10-15) It is also responsible for communication between the cerebellum and other vital parts of the brain and also the selection of stimuli which are sent to the brain. The hypothalamus serves as a link between the endocrine system, autonomic and central nervous system. The role of the hypothalamus in controlling feeding behavior while linking all the three systems The hypothalamus plays a key role in the homeostasis of energy in triggering feeding behaviors. This is because the control of energy is important which makes eating the most fundamental aspect in maintaining body fats. The feeding behavior is a good example of how the hypothalamus links the endocrine system, central and autonomic nervous system. In the event when there is a deficiency in body fats, the endocrine system through a hormone called leptin comes in place sends stimuli to the hypothalamus. Charmandari, Tsigos, Chrousos (2005, p.265-270) In return the hypothalamus sends impulses to the autonomic nervous system and which are further relayed to the central nervous system and the final aspect is the feeling of hunger which motivates us to eat. Therefore the hypothalamus serves many purposes and is crucial in linking all the three systems. This interaction in return helps to control the mode of behavior in humans The functions and diseases of the brain Areas of function of the brain The brain is said to be the center of every signal sent by the body parts. Once a signal is sent to the brain, it acts by interpreting the signal and produces the action for the signal. The