Biography on Kenzo the Designer

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It is evidently clear from the discussion that after the high school, Kenzo asked his apparent to allow him to join the same fashion school as the one attended by his sister. Kenzo never wanted to proceed to the university, but wanted to learn more about fashion. however, his parent refused and he joined the University of Kobe Gaibo to study English literature. His spirits to study or get involved in the artwork was too high, after only a semester at the university, Kenzo left for Tokyo where he worked in an apprentice house as a painter. For this work, Kenzo was being paid seven dollars per month. It should be noted that he was the first male student to be admitted to the Japanese oldest school of fashion, Bunka Gakuen. Before his admission, the Bunka Gakuen School of fashion was purely girls’ school. Kenzo once said, If I started now (referring to the school), I would have stayed in Tokyo. After his stay in the Bunka Gakuen, he first worked for the Sana, a network fashion store and later he moved to the fashion magazine in the capital where he worked as a male model. Despite his modeling work in Tokyo, Kenzo’s main desire was to move to Paris. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his teacher, Koike who had just returned from Paris, France. Not only did he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his teacher, Koike had told him of the nice Yves Saint Laurent collections and wonderful events that usually take place in the Paris fashion world. A little later, Kenzo received a fortune of 350 thousand yen as compensation for the demolition of the housed he lived. Using the money, on January 1, 1965, Kenzo arrived in Marseilles where he boarded a train to Paris.