Biography on charlotte bronte

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Charlotte Bronte enjoys repute and recognition in the field of English literature on account of quality and her works depict. She also has a pen name to her works and achievements in the form of Currer Bell. She was born in 1816 and lived till 1855. It was not her alone, instead the geniuses ran in the family with two other sisters being of prominent recognition in the literature field. Her famous works came about in the later phases of her life. The most notable which still holds recognition is Jane Eyre. Other notable works and pieces of art written by her include Villette, The Professor, Emma and Wuthering Heights and The BRontes to name a few.
“I am no Bird. and not net ensnares me, I am free human being with an independent will” (Eagleton, p 276).Her this particular and famous quote defines her life, her aptitude and her overall learning. For major part of her career she used the pen name and hid her identity, she preferred and introverts living style and even living under the pen name and attending her own book publications and social gatherings without revealing her own identity. Charlotte Bronte passed away at a relatively young age of 38 years yet leaving behind a legacy in the form of classical addition to the field of English literature.
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