Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs

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Bill Gates Born on October 28th 1955, William Henry Bill Gates is one of America’s most philanthropist investor, inventor and a computer programmer. Gates a former chief executive of the Microsoft Company has played a huge role in transforming the lives of many people through technological innovations and technological inventions. Born in Seattle Washington, Gates ancestral origin is English, Scot-Irish and German (Gates 32). To date, Gates remains one of the well-known entrepreneurs in terms of computer revolution. Gates has played a key role in envisioning Microsoft operations systems towards becoming an industry standard in a spurn of only three years. His contribution in the technological sector is felt with Microsoft revolution. Bill Gates brought a new lease of life with Microsoft revolution (Gates 36). Today, almost every company across the globe uses Microsoft in their business operations, therefore, playing an effective role towards transforming lives of many people and commercial centers. Educational institutions have also heavily gained by Bill Gates contribution in this sector. Alternatively, Bill Gates dedication in making this contribution was seen to get a heads up in most institutions across the globe. Most organizational systems are now experiencing exceptional systems technologically courtesy of Bill Gates transformations and innovations (Gates 47).
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs contribution to modern technology, innovation and education remains one of the highlights of his life. Jobs had a vision to revolutionize technology to greater heights. Steve Jobs did not only want to see technological revolution readily available in school, but he instead played an important role in seeing there is a breakthrough in technology towards positive impacts on people (Doeden 32). Currently, there is a complete revolutionary branch in terms of technological aspects across the world. Steve Jobs was the man behind the development of iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iMac and iPad hence making an effective contribution towards technology and innovation. Most of these gadgets play an effective role towards transforming lives and in terms of commercial perspectives. Educational applications and iPads as some of his contributions in terms of technology have brought a new lease of life both educationally and in terms of people careers (Doeden 33). His dedication was to make education systems be exceptional from the multi-level research to being a greater emphasis especially on student participation. Alternatively, Steve Jobs desire was to serve the human race in an effective and meaningful manner. This is evident in his contribution towards technology in helping transforming people’s lives (Doeden 34).
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg an American internet entrepreneur and a computer programmer is best known for his positive contribution in the social networking sector. Together with his roommates, Zuckerberg started the website Facebook that currently has had a positive impact in people’s lives across the globe. As simple as it sounds, Zuckerberg started Facebook in Harvard dormitories and by 23 years old, he was already a billionaire (Woog 23). To date, many people’s lives are transformed through the website. People can easily access each other across the globe by simply clicking the mouse. Businesses are also conducted over the website page. Mark Zuckerberg drive and motivation while still in Harvard was to serve human race in an effective manner and this is evident in his contribution towards technology in helping transforming people’s lives.
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