Big Switch Network Design

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Access policy list is also configured in the VLAN for defining the routes. Moreover, VLAN is considered as a broadcast domain. It concludes that the broadcast generates from one computer can only be received to the destination which is defined by some criteria in the broadcast domain. The advantage of VLAN implementation includes an efficient way of bandwidth utilization and eliminating the network from possible broadcast storms, which results in denial of service. Furthermore, by implementing VLANs, the capacity of switching technology is utilized to its full potential. VLAN also supports ‘VLAN trunking protocol’. The ‘VLAN trunking protocol’ will significantly reduce administration for the switched network. Addressing Security Issues and Deployment Approach for WAN A router is a core computing and packet processing devices in the Bigswitch computer network. Router connects two or more networks with different subnets, enabling the networks to expand on an enterprise level. Logically the router builds a routing table, where it stores all the route addresses. For example, the data packet source and destination is stored in the routing table. The network administrator can statically define the network addresses which are called as ‘static routes’. …
As the current network design incorporates a core backbone, it is essential for the network to be operational and efficient. Cisco 3845 integrated service router will fulfill all the network requirements. The Cisco 3845 Integrated Services Router provides optimal performance for parallel services on the local area network including security, voice and enhanced services. Improved speculation is achievable by increased performance and modularity. The Cisco 3845 ISR consist of robust ‘WAN’ slots to improve density. The router supports over 90 modules for enhanced and latest network functionality. The router supports both copper and fiber interface. Keeping in mind that the cost must be kept to a minimum, the router supports power over Ethernet (POE). It is the revolutionary technology integrating data, voice and power on a standard CAT 5 Ethernet infrastructure. This technology provides power to the devices connected on the network in parallel. The security aspect is attractive as the router has built in features for data encryption. The router also supports up to 2500 Virtual Private Network tunnels for creating connectivity with campuses of Bigswitch enterprise network. However, the AIM-HPII-PLUS Module is required to support VPN capability in the router. VPN is further elaborates as it is created to improve security and productivity by combining Cisco VPN technology. Cisco VPN has proved to be a reliable name in the industry to connect remote offices, remote users and remote sites in a secure way. VPN is most widely used for remote connectivity solutions in all sizes of organizations. It is affordable due to the provision of public switched telephone networks (PSTN)