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Taylors International Marketing Strategy112750 It is evidently clear from the discussion that Bettys and Taylors operate only six coffee shops within Yorkshire, but has an equally flourishing business supplying brand specialty tea blends to about 30 destinations worldwide. The owners have always kept its tea shop operations just within the city as it wants to preserve the brand image, and the quality of the products, believing that keeping a small network would enable them to focus on every detail. One of the driving forces behind Bettys and Taylors Tony Wild was once quoted saying: that culture is central to our success and the starting point for what we have identified as sustainable growth. You ignore that at your peril, however tempting it might be to open in London, Edinburgh or anywhere else (Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate 2009). Now on their 91st year of operations, Bettys and Taylors see opportunities, not within the UK, but in another country. After successfully supplying gourmet tea products in many other locations worldwide, the owners feel that it is time to take the signature Bettys and Taylor’s homegrown tea shop and confectionaries to another level by finding the best country for branch expansion. With this, this paper aims to tackle and provide a plan for successful international market penetration for this highly successful local brand. Bettys and Taylors is a strong and sustaining business. Its market presence for the last 90 years can attest to that. The owners’ strategic management decisions have contributed to the stability of the business, and its expansion activities are often calculated but always successful. It has been conservative in its operational plans but has wisely moved into global trade by preferring to be distributors and suppliers rather than engaging in retail. This way, operational costs are managed while business relations are maximized for higher profits.