Benjamin Franklin Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America

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Franklin also points out that natives who were thought to be as uncivilized and salvage but in some ways natives were more civilized than that of the Europeans. Franklin points out and observes the differences of social practices and norms between the white English settlers and Native American (Berger and Luckman 71). Benjamin Franklin describes the culture of Native American in such a way so that it looks like ideal for everyone. In this essay Franklin despite with the use of word savages, Franklin had an undeniable respect for the people of Native Americans. Franklin tried to explain that Indian men are the backbone of the culture of Native Americans. Franklin has huge admiration towards the Indian men because they were hard worker and disciplined. They used to be warriors and hunters as young men and when they would become old they would be counselors. Franklin had huge admiration towards the culture due to fact that there are no prisoners, no force and also no police officers to impose obedience. The reason which Americans used to face within their culture is inflict punishment. Franklin was very much influenced by the nature and discipline of the women. It admires most when Indian women takes care of their house, tilled their houses and took care of their children. In some respect, Franklin described that Native American people and culture used to be more polite than that of British. Example given by Benjamin Franklin to illustrate the politeness is that when there is a simple conversation between two people or public council and then they are not to be interrupted by the other third person until other party has finished their conversation. When conversation between two people is interrupted then it is highly reckoned to be indecent. And also another example given by Franklin is allowing half a dozen of Indian kids to start education and grow their knowledge at Williamsburg College (Goffman, 43). Then comes reply from the Indian leaders who appreciated the offer but eventually had to decline the offer due to prior experiences. Indian kids returned back from college without any knowledge and education about of hunting or of the land. Franklin wanted to describe in the essay that Indian people were educated and smart but not as the British people who are accustomed to. Benjamin Franklin admired and had respect for these Savages and behaviors they maintained between each other and other individuals who are different from themselves. An example to describe this would be the Treaty of Lancaster, in the year 1744, in Pennsylvania. The treaty of Lancaster was between the six nations and the government of Virginia which proposed to train and educate half dozen Indian youths. But Indian leaders politely and respectfully declined the offer after a day of consideration. Best Example is Mr. Franklin described custom of Indian rules as polite and showed respect by not declining the offer same day, they took time and considered it (Biondi, 32). In addition, Franklin used to admire the manner of Indians. The politeness shown by the Indians during the conversation is very much too extreme even when they disagree with some situation. An Example given by Franklin was how Indians patiently listened about the Gospel when they did not agree. Instead they respectfully