Benjamin Franklin Autobiography

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To demonstrate his desire to improve in his life, Franklin opposed his brother’s constant quarrel and moved to New York before moving Philadelphia in 1923. His decision to move out of his brother’s business was facilitated by his strong desire to be independent in his self improvement agenda. Franklin relied much on the printing skill he acquired while working in his brother’s business and in his new job in Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin’s reputable performance and his personal desire for self improvement in Philadelphia attracted Governor Keith who persuaded him to go to London and establish himself independently. Keith advised him to assist him in his businesses and also in publishing Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain. The other way Franklin demonstrated his self development is by moving from the governor’s business and opting to start a business with Huh Meredith. In his new established printing office, Franklin became an editor and proprietor of the Pennsylvania Gazette and the common Nature and Necessity of a paper Currency (Charles, 1909). Motivated by his desire for self development and a craving for assisting others in pursuit of self development, Benjamin Franklin published his commonly known Poor Richard Almanac article in 1732 (Charles, 1909). This was a composition which consisted words of wisdom explaining how an individual can acquire self development. This composition tremendously increased his reputation all over Europe. The printing of the most famous piece of literature known in colonial America Father Abraham’s Sermon in 1758 also demonstrated his commitment toward self development. In the same year (1758), Benjamin Franklin embarked on promoting public affairs with the aim of improving his popularity as well as facilitating his personal development. To popularize his image in public domain, Franklin established an academy scheme which was later developed into the University of Pennsylvania. With an aim of establishing an avenue for communicating his scientific discovery, Benjamin founded an American Philosophical Society. Franklin relied on his new society in conducting and communicating his electrical researches progress. His decision to sell his business in 1748 to get leisure time for his study was another way in which Franklin demonstrated his intention for self development. At this time, Franklin was aware that education was among the most appropriate way which can facilitate his self development. During this time, Franklin had acquired substantial amount of wealth. At the same time, Franklin has made several discoveries which gave him adequate reputation thorough out Europe (Charles, 1909).To some extent, Benjamin Franklin was successful in his attempt. In his endeavor to acquire self development and become a public image, Benjamin set a scheme of academy which later developed to the famous University of Pennsylvania. In 1748, Benjamin also attained self development through acquiring substantial amount of wealth which enabled him to continue with his education. In the same year, Benjamin had conducted extensive research and discovery which improved his public reputation. Benjamin also developed politically through conducting various popular reforms such as reforms in postal systems. His personal effort enabled him to hold several senior political and state positions (Charles, 1909). There were several factors that motivated Benjamin Franklin attempt of self development. To start with,