Being a doctor has severaldisadvantages that makes it a questionable career choice

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small percentage (0.5%) can perform hemodialysis with special equipment at home and this is risky due to the increased possibility of infection and the requirement of having a very motivated patient. ESRD facilities are reimbursed mostly by Medicare part A (after the first 30 days). In fact, the vast majority of over 90% of dialysis patients covers this way. The patient’s physician is reimbursed through Medicare part B. Reimbursement coding at the facility is done using the International Classification of the Disease, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM), while the physicians submits for reimbursement using the Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS). Data collected by the facility and physician play a critical role in the patients ongoing treatment plan. These environments are a uniquely challenging setting too many due to the very nature of the population needing services.
Another challenge our health care doctors face is the deficit of nurses who assist them in treatment of patients. Part of this shortage is due to the lack of infrastructure. In the academic year of 2010-2011, 67,563 qualified students were not admitted into nursing schools due to the lack of faculty, training facilities and other budget constraints and this is a clear indication that unless there is improvement in the infrastructure, such as state and national funding, that there could be a collapse in the nursing educational system (Dunham, 2009).
An increase in population has also caused the need for more doctors. The number of nurses is not growing at the same rate as that of the population. The lack of younger students moving into the field of nursing is also a primary concern. The current age of a Registered Nurse is between 43 and 45 years of age. In the next ten to fifteen years, these nurses will reach retirement age, which will only add to the current shortage (Williams &amp. Torrens, 2010).
Higher spending costs. The development of new treatments for previously