Bean and Jerry Icecream Company

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The company started growing successfully due to some chunky ingredients and some unusual and catchy flavor. It was the scoop style which was adopted by them to sell ice-cream but they had to go for the pint way. By the year 1984 they had already been successful in taking the ice-cream company public in the city of Vermont. They got themselves registered under the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) allowing them to buy stock nationwide. Ben and Jerry were considered as good and old boys from the sixties who preferred conducting their meetings in a festive manner than in the stereotypical way of carry out any corporate meeting. They actually tried to show the masses that their company is not a place where people can work with greatness but it also tries to portrait that they are somewhere socially related as well responsible to the whole community and the society. Caring Capitalism is something which these two young people believed in and they eventually donated around 7.5% of the pretax profit for the wellbeing of the society and for those social causes which included Centro for Better Living and Healing Our Mother Earth. Haagen-Dazs is the largest competitor of Benn and Jerry and the former has always been choosy in while distributing ice-creams. It has always aimed the elite class of the society. The funky image which the latter has shown has drawn attention of the younger crowd with catchy eyes. Their commitment to the society is an honest and an obvious approach. The mission statement of Benn and Jerry is the creation as well as demonstration of new concepts of the corporate for linked prosperity. The mission consists mainly of three parts. Underlying this mission is of course the in determination to seek a new as well as creative concepts and styles for addressing all the new parts, while holding this deep respect in case of every individuals outside and inside the company as well as for all the communities of which they consider themselves to be a part. The company is operated on the basis of a sound and efficient economic system, which helps them to grow in the future and as well as increase the values of their shareholders on the other hand. The economic structure also aims at improving the opportunities of the workers and also is able to give away reward points. The company is also active in such a way that it is recognized everywhere as well as the important role which the company has in shaping the society locally, nationally and internationally. Underlying this particular mission of the company, Benn and Jerry is the creative and new ways of approaching and addressing all these three new parts, while they also try to uphold deep respect and virtue for each and every individuals outside and inside the company and eventually all the communities of which they consider themselves to be a part. 2. Product Benn and Jerry distribute, make and set all the best quality for the natural ice-creams and the dairy products related to a huge variety of unusual flavors which are made from the dairy product of Vermont. Their product which is super premium ice-cream is rich in the butterfat content that is 12%, where as this content is only 6-10 percent in other ice-dream. While ensuring quality of their product and of course to maintain the good old roots in their own community they preferred buying the creams from the