Baseball in the United States

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Americans were not used to aristocracy and as a result, they had to choose from a wide range of activities that made them happy. It is of paramount importance to note that baseball can be played by everyone regardless of age, sex, or gender as opposed to soccer, which must be played by physically fit players. Although baseball balls are cheaper than soccer balls, the latter involves more players and spectators because it is played in an open space (Guttmann, 2012).
Most modern sports are timed, but baseball can go on if there is competition because the weaker team tries its best to retire the better side. This makes baseball more interesting to American society because everybody is involved. American society is used to have a democratic way of life and they find this in baseball. Although admirers of golf, soccer, and football believe that the games are democratic, baseball fans see it as the most democratic game the world has ever seen. European and other societies view baseball as a boring game because of the interruptions, which occur during the game, but it has to be understood that the interruptions give the spectator enough time to calculate the arithmetic involved in the game. This is unlike other games such as soccer and football, which are continuous (Guttmann, 2012).
According to Ross (2012), baseball is a pastoral game that creates a feeling of harmony to the spectator. it is worth noting that the game takes one from the bustle and hustle of city life to a traditional setting.&nbsp.