Banning Smoking &amp

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Its Fight on the HillThe researcher states that tobacco, the main substance smoked was grown largely in America according to archeologists. It was discovered in 6000 BC and smoked 5000 years later by the Mayans. The Mayans chewed the plant to curb their appetite during the longer hikes. Evidence that proofs existence of smoking being practiced is a pictorial of Guatemala smoking at around 800 AD. Europeans began smoking when Caribbean natives introduced to Columbus. In his adventures, he visited Spain and also initiated smoking of tobacco in the region. For that reason, smoking drastically spread across the European countries, particularly from Spain to other countries worldwide. The Americans began smoking during the Great Migration that involved British inhabitants moving to American land. It is established that smoking experienced many metamorphoses before cigarettes were introduced in 1832. Smoking was practiced via pipes by the first European smokers, which later advanced to snuffing. Paper rolled cigars were majorly concentrated in the 20th century and were invented by the Turkish. The British tobacconist Phillip Morris popularized it and manufactured them on a large scale worldwide. It was in 1950 when the smoking tobacco was related to lung cancer and the government of the US initiated a policy of removing the advertisement from the television. It was earlier understood that tobacco was gracious and beneficial to one’s health. Supporters of smoking have demonstrated against the strict laws discouraging the habit such as increasing the price of cigarettes by raising the tax revenue imposed on them. An example of smoke lobbyists, Dan Donovan, once argued that he did not choose to smoke because of the colored packed cigars, but chose it because he enjoyed the practices.