Bankruptcy due to Poor Management

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The biggest issue impacting the National Football League is the national anthem problem. More and more players are joining Colin Kaepernick in taking the knee during the national anthem. The players who refuse to acknowledge the flag are protesting the systematic oppression of minorities in the United States. Kaepernick first took the knee in 2016 and the issue has continued to raise concern up to date. The NFL has difficulties resolving the issue due to the delicate relationship between the players and owners of the clubs. The NFL was established in 1920. It was previously called the American Professional Football Association (APFA) and had a total of ten teams. The teams were drawn from four states. The league underwent several changes which shaped its future. For instance, in 1927, the admittance of African American players into the league was halted. However, after the Second World War, the ban of black players was lifted and they were allowed to rejoin the league.
One of the problems facing the league is the issue of player safety. The league is focused on making the game safe for players while the players want to gain an edge in speed. Some of the players are abandoning their pads in order to be fast which also puts them at risk of injury. There have also been concerns raised about the league’s scheduling process. Both the players and fans are not happy with the preseason games. They both want the games to be shortened. They argue that the long preseason games do not necessarily lead to an improvement in performance and therefore the concept needs to evolve. Since 2016, NFL ratings and viewership have dropped considerably. It has been reported that fans who used to be serious viewers have taken a more casual approach and the few who still stream the games do not watch them to the end. The dropped ratings negatively affect the revenues received by the organization as advertisers pay good money for huge ratings. One way of dealing with the reduced numbers is to lower the number of Thursday Night Football games. The Increased number of games have created a burn out among fans. The protests being experienced should not be aired but should simply be reported. Many fans are opposed to the politicizing of the games.
Toys R Us was forced to file for bankruptcy after it reported continued losses. The losing streak began in 2013 and forced the company to apply for chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2017. The US Bankruptcy court required the company to liquidate all of its 735 US stores before it could be declared bankrupt. The company’s management responded by liquidating the inventory in all of its stores and selling them off. Toys R Us was impacted by several issues that led to its closure. However, fierce competition from players such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target greatly affected the company. The competitors offered irresistible discounts and were able to attract customers hence affecting the company’s profits. Additionally, some of the company’s vendors began withholding supplies which further affected the company’s income. Toys R Us was founded in 1948 by Charles Lazarus. It was initially a children store based in Washington DC. During its first few years, it dealt in children furniture before incorporating toys for children of different ages. In 1966, the Interstate Department Stores acquired it.
During its closure, the company faced a huge liquidation problem due to its 735 US locations. The main problem which affected the company during its operational days was its inability to adapt to the changes in the consumers’ choices and preferences. Many of the toys which were available in the company’s inventory were not very popular among kids which greatly affected sales. Changes in consumer trends have also negatively impacted the company. More kids are preferring smarter toys since they provide greater interactive play.