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NIZWA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGYBUSINESS STUDIES DEPARTMENTSEMESTER -2 / ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020                             FINAL EXAM (ASSIGNMENT) COURSE CODE BAHR 3101 COURSE NAME MANAGING TROUBLED EMPLOYEES LEVEL Advanced Diploma TUTOR (S) Ms. Virginia SECTION (S) 1 DURATION: DATE TIME START 17 May 2020 9:00AM END 19 May 2020 8:00AM MARKS BREAK UP: No. of Questions Marks for Each Question 1 2 3 TOTAL MARKS INSTRUCTIONS: 1) The Final Assignment will be available in Moodle at 9:00 am on the date of examination. 2) This is an open resource examination; there are three pages. Students are allowed to refer any digital materials (Internet, Proquest, Masader, and OER) with proper referencing and citation for each answer.3) Students has to answer the questions typewritten in the word (.docx) format. Figures / Diagrams, equations and solving of problems can be written by hand and added to the document as a picture/image. 4) Save the assignment file using the student ID & Course code. [Eg : 22s1234.BAHR3101]5) Students should submit the answers through the Turnitin link provided in Moodle page. If any problem occurs, send it to the staff email []6) Students are encouraged to upload the answers in the Moodle at least two hoursbefore the deadline to avoid any technical issues.7) In case of any technical problem in opening or submitting your assignment, please contact your course tutor through email and copy the Department Head.8) Any form of cheating is punishable. Students involved in cheating will be treated according to the Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Policies.9) Students are advised to write the answers in their own words. Based on the plagiarism policy and the department approved similarity level, the marks will be deducted for the plagiarized [Copied] answers.10) Students should complete their assignment within the given time. Assignments submitted after the deadline will be marked 0.ACADEMIC INTEGRITY & PLAGIARISM POLICY: The student should be ready to prove the authenticity of the work done. If any form of plagiarism/reproduction of answers are discovered, student will be awarded zero marks.DECLARATION:I declare that the Final Exam (assignment) submitted is original and acknowledge that I am aware of the NCT’s Integrity and Plagiarism Policies (January 2011) mentioned in moodle, and the disciplinary guidelines and procedures applicable to breaches of such policy and regulations.I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: STUDENT NAME STUDENT ID DATE OF SUBMISSION ESSAY / LONG ANSWER QUESTIONS (analytical / scenario / case)    50 MarksRead thoroughly the scenario/case/question before you answer.  For each question number (e.g. Question 1), answer must contain minimum of 300 words to maximum of 400 words. Question 1                                                                                                                        15 MarksMany leading multinational private organizations had heavily invested to ensure effective talent management. Aside from competitive compensation package, they also provided employee assistance program (EAP) to enhance employee relations. However, there are few employees whose work performance are regularly unsatisfactory. The HRD through EAP classified those individuals as troubled employees.
a) Appraise EAP suitability of managing troubled employees in Oman companies.
          (5 Marks)                    b) Explain the causes of employee’s unsatisfactory work performance.                     (5 Marks)c) Describe services of three EAP providers in Oman.                                                  (5 MarksQuestion 2                                                                                                                         15 Marks    Regina and Fidel both work in engineering section. Fidel was hired a few months ago and Regina has been with the company for 10 years. Fidel, while being a competent worker, tends to wait until the last minute to get his work done. Regina works more steadily and keeps on top of her work daily. Regina complains that she feels she was worrying about his work and her own. And, because they depend on each other for certain tasks, she is uncomfortable with waiting until an hour or so before a deadline when they are forced to collaborate. Because of the conflict, Fidel is missing more work and because he wants to avoid Regina and her anger. Moreover, female colleagues believe that Regina is correct, and Fidel is totally wrong. On the contrary, the male colleagues have divided perception, some of them sided with Regina, and others sided with Fidel.a) Explain the causes of conflict between Fidel and Regina.                                                    (5 Marks)b) If you are the supervisor of Fidel and Regina, discuss how will you resolve the issue?     (5 Marks)c) Formulate approaches to manage the behavior of their colleagues.                                    (5 Marks)Question 3                                                                                                                         20 MarksWada Al Qassabi has been working for almost ten years as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director (Paul Robinson) in global logistics firm. She is competent, dependable, and had superb interpersonal relationship across the organization. Paul Robinson is highly energetic boss who frequently travels out of the country. In his absence, he usually assigns Wada to supervise daily operations, which upsets few senior department managers (SDM). Hence, the SDM connive with each other in order to tarnish Wada’s reputation. They wrote a complaint letter to Paul that Wada frequently ignored their instructions and must be charged of insubordination. According to company’s grievance policy, insubordination is a major offence that must be handled under disciplinary action. a) If you are the superior of Wada, what will you do to act in accordance with natural justice.      (5 Marks)b) If you are Wada, how will you defend yourself against the charges?                                   (5 Marks)c) In behalf of SDM, draft letter of warning against Wada.                                                      (5 Marks)d) If you are part of grievance team, how will you implement disciplinary action?              (5 Marks)