Baby Products Store Communication Plan

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Executive SummaryThis communication plan outlines the framework that Baby Products Store will use to re-introduce the business to surrounding towns and municipalities starting April 2009. The background of the business provides a brief overview of the business environment and the subsequent need for change. The introduction of the points of difference for the business highlighting the unique customer service policy and exclusive products offered in-store is the core of the communication objective and goal. Next, the plan provides the target audiences and how this selection works with the company’s core product range. With the established objective and goal, the key communication message is then framed within the two points of difference, and the proposed communication tools (including business website, monthly online newsletter, business brochure, magazine advertisement, and yellow pages advertising) and budget are presented. Lastly, pre-set measurements are included to track each communication tool.Table of contentDescription PageBackground 3Communication Objective 3Communication Goal 3Target Audiences 3Key Communication Message 3Communication Tools 4Budget 5Evaluation 5BackgroundBaby Products Store first opened its doors in the Westchester Mall in 1998 and was the first store in the neighborhood to provide premium baby products. In the next ten years, numerous stores with similar concepts have started in the surrounding area selling undercutting Baby Product Store’s business by offering products with a cheaper price ranges. To avoid price war within the area, Baby Products Store has made a decision not to lower prices, but to create a new selling point of offering specialized customer service and exclusive product offerings provided by loyal long-term suppliers.Communication ObjectiveThe objective for this communication plan is to re-introduce Baby Product Store to the surrounding towns and municipalities and highlight the unique customer service policy and exclusive products offered in-store.Communication GoalThe goal of this communication plan is to reach 50 unique customers using various communication channels. Because the objective of the plan is centered around the store’s surrounding towns and municipalities, a more targeted and personal communication approach will be adopted.Target AudiencesThe primary audiences for Baby Product Store are new mothers and parents of small infants and toddlers in the surrounding towns and municipalities. As the type of products offered in-store are suited towards parents with higher household incomes, it would also be preferable if the targeted mothers and parents are active online and have regular access to the internet and email connections so Baby Product Store is able to develop a long-term, more personal customer service offering to these audiences.Key Communication MessageThe key message for all communication materials will focus on two integral points of difference of the business: the unique customer service package and exclusive products offered in-store.Points of DifferenceDescriptionServices OfferedUnique Customer Service PackageTo provide customers with a customer service package that extends beyond retail selling. Complimentary tracking of infant or toddler’s growing-up progress and make recommendations on nutrition and medical services available in the surrounding towns and municipalities.Exclusive Product OfferingsTo provide customers with exclusive product offerings that cannot be found in retailers within the state.Monthly newsletters highlighting exclusive product offerings.Communication ToolsThe following are the communication tools that will be used to meet the communication objective and goals:ToolsDescriptionDistributionResponsible PartiesBusiness WebsiteTo highlight business points of difference.OnlineMark Smith (Marketing)Melanie Yur (IT)Monthly Online NewslettersEmail list to be provided by neighboring pediatricians other infant specialists.Online2,500 customersMark Smith (Marketing)Tim Dunn (Retail Sales)Business BrochureTo highlight business location, services offered, and selected product offerings.Selected towns and municipals and offices of pediatricians other infant specialists.5,000 brochuresMark Smith (Marketing)Jessice Wick (Design Agency)Magazine AdvertisementTo be featured in Baby and Me trade magazine.April 2009 issue5,000 circulation members/monthMark Smith (Marketing)Jessice Wick (Design Agency)Yellow PagesTo highlight location and services offered.April 2009 to Dec 2009Mark Smith (Marketing)BudgetDescriptionCost (USD$)Business Website1,500Monthly Online Newsletters (development cost only)500Business Brochure2,000Magazine Advertisement5,000Yellow Pages500Total Cost9,500EvaluationThe following measurements will be used for each communication tool:ToolsMeasurementBusiness Website100 page views per monthMonthly Online Newsletters2% response rate (or 50 customers)Business Brochure1% response rate (or 50 customers)Magazine Advertisement1% response rate (or 50 customers)Yellow Pages30 inquiries