Automobiles In Australia

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Over-reliance on private motor vehicles has a lot of impact on the environment as a whole as well as other economic factors. The carbon dioxide that is realized by this huge number of cars is so high compared to the amount that would be used had these people relied on available public means. For example, if a group of twenty people with their own cars goes to work every day then they tend to use more fuel and at the same time omit a lot of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere compared to twenty workers who board one bus and use it to go to work. It is for this that proper planning is needed to help people reduce their reliance on private means of transport. If this number can be reduced by 60%, then there will be a 60% reduction in the amount of pollution caused by a motor vehicle. Reducing over-reliance on private motor vehicles does not just happen once rather it requires a lot of planning to enable the people to see the sense of using other modes of transport that is less destructive to earth’s resources.
It is, however, important to note that the shift is not a short-term process since it requires a lot to shift1. It, therefore, calls for proper planning and patience for the country to realize the shift and be able to appreciate the importance of not relying on private motor vehicles for transport. Below are some of the planning steps that can be effectively used by the government to ensure that the whole process is a success.
Apart from being a recreational activity, bike riding can also provide a good means of transport.