Automation of SnowNZ Sales Ticketing and Sales System

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All the above challenges limit sales. make business ineffective and staff inefficient. However, it provides a huge opportunity for global marketing. Deployment and implementation of new high-speed technologies can simplify and make effective and efficient global business on one hand and provide excellent, quick and economical services to the worldwide customers on the other hand. Opportunities generated by the above challenges are streamlined as under:-The new Ticketing and Sales system will primarily be based on internet technologies and it is recommended that Microsoft technologies are used for the deployment and implementation of the system. The minimum system requirements are recommended as follows:-The webServer machine is a personal desktop computer. It manages all the web traffic and transaction, stores, process and retrieves data and controls security and other critical data of each user on the internet. It has following hardware devices and software components:-The client machine is a personal desktop computer. It will have a browser and internet connectivity that will allow a user to connect to the system as a client and do his job as per his status such as client, customer, supplier, administrative staff, management staff, etc. It is a system unit having following hardware devices and software components:-The requirements of technological equipment calculated here below and may be adjusted before any final decision after inspection and assessment of the existing hardware. The decision to either upgrade the existing hardware or replace it with new will depend upon its remaining life, the status of depletion and cost benefit. It is recommended that Microsoft or few of its Gold members is approached to get a volume discount on software licenses.