Autism and Autism spectrum disorder

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Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism is defined as a brain disorder which occurs in thedevelopmental stage of children. Autism spectrum is the collection of developmental brain disorders. Spectrum shows different symptoms, level of the disease and issues of disability that are encountered by the effected children. Research indicates that some children experience complete mental disability while others don’t. Autism spectrum disorders are also known as pervasive developmental disorders and include following diseases (A Parents Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder, 2011):Autistic Disorder – the classical formAsperger’s SyndromeChildhood Disintegrative DisorderRett’s SyndromePervasive Developmental Disorder which is not specified or else (PDD-NOS). Out of the group of a 1000 children two to five are expected to have the ASD which indicates the rising rate of the disease among the American Children (Autism Spectrum Disorders Health Center, 2013). In the recent years it has gained the attention of researchers and medical professionals due to the increasing complications of Autism Spectrum Syndrome (Rivara, 2006). ASD has some specific signs and symptoms which signify the patients and their level of disease. These include (A Parents Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder, 2011): Issues in maintaining Social Interaction: These patients are unable to maintain eye contact in addition to listening problems and therefore they often decline to give response.Interests and Behaviors: Repetitive behavior is observed in these patients as they just keep on doing their work continually. Communication: They show comparatively poor gestures and have issues in gaining attention through communication. The disorder occurs due to the variation in chromosomes during the process of translocation, duplication and deletion. The most significant way of treating the disease is the active involvement of children in mental activities from an early age (Christian R. Marshall, 2007). References A Parents Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder. (2011). US: National Institute of Health.Autism Spectrum Disorders Health Center. (2013). Retrieved March 15, 2013, from Web MD, LLC.Christian R. Marshall, A. N. (2007). Structural Variation of Chromosomes in Autism Spectrum Disorder. The American Journal of Human Genetics , 477-488.Rivara, F. P. (2006). Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Archives of Pediatrics amp. Adolescent Medicine , 548.