Attracting and Retaining Talented Personnel

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Attracting and retaining personnel Attracting and retaining personnel is one of the fundamental elements of a successful organization and I, in this paper, explore possible effects of restructuring an organization’s human resource, importance of being open to having a diverse human resource base, and describe a real world situation that incorporates the two aspects.
Restructuring an organization’s human resource has a potential of benefiting the organization or imposing adverse consequences to the organization’s human resource and consequently affect its productivity. One of the ways in which restructuring human resource induce positive effects on an organization is through aligning the organization’s structure and its resources towards its needs, a factor that facilitates achievement of objectives. Restructuring may also help an organization to eliminate its redundant section of human resource and therefore reduce unnecessary expenses. It however has adverse effects on employees who may be separated from their developed work partners or may be forced to perform tasks that they do not like or they are not perfect in. This may demoralizes employees and reduce productivity levels. It is also important that companies be open to having a diversified workforce because this attracts diversified skills and potentials and therefore promotes creativity and innovation in organizations. A diversified workforce also identifies with many societies and therefore promotes an organization’s image within those societies whose members are part of the organization’s human resource (Anthony, Kacmar and Perrewe, 2010).
Establishing a marketing team in an expanding organization is an example of restructuring human resource because it involves a change in structure. Such a development is likely to increase an organization’s sales level my exploring and capturing new markets. Recruitment of sales personnel from the target population segments is further likely to enhance success in sales as the locals establish a stronger link between the organization and the target population than strangers to the societies would.
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