Attitudes to students misbehavior

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The report would investigate the students’ increasing behavioral problems through literature review and interviews of parents, teachers, pre-service teachers and non teaching friends.

The interviewees broadly comprised of a father (P), a high school teacher (HT), two pre-service teachers (PT1 &amp. PT2) and two non teaching friends (NF1 &amp. NF2). The interviews were conducted under neutral environment where they were asked to respond on two questions: 1) Why students misbehave in classroom and outside of classroom and 2) what can teachers and school do to address students’ misbehaviour? The questions generated wide ranging themes encompassing parenting, home life, class management, discipline, boredom in classroom, lack of understanding across cross cultural segment of students etc. ADHD, learning disability etc were also issues that were raised. The report would be evaluating the findings of the interviews and efforts would be made to analyze the same with inputs from the literature reviews. The report would be adhering to the wider implications of students-teachers relationship and the teaching tools that could be used to address students’ behavioral problems.

Parenting and home life have emerged as one of the major factors for the misbehavior of the students. All the six interviewees have reiterated that parents have little control over their children and bad parenting allows the children to misbehave with impunity inside and outside the school. As P says ‘Parents make less clear boundaries about what kids are allowed to do and what not allowed to do.