Athens Olympic Sports Complex

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Some of these international sports events uphold the principles of promoting goodwill and friendship while the Olympic Games promotes mutual interdependence and economic cooperation, as what is shown in the logo. There are lots of Olympic sports events that were inherited from the Ancient Greek Olympic. Some of these were the Javelin throw, which was originally women’s game. walkathon, originated by the Greeks and Romans. and, wrestling.
The Athens Olympic Stadium stands as a monument of the Ancient Greek sports in the modern world. The magnificence of Athens Olympic Stadium reminds the world that at one time, the Greek nation who owns this stadium were the ones dominant in sports and their keen interest in reviving the glory of sports as evidenced by the huge budget they spent merely for the renovations of the stadium. The stadium is indeed, believed to be the biggest and most beautiful in the world.(Rizzo, internet source)
It was the Greek who introduced the Olympic Games in the world which paved the way for the modern Olympic Sports events. Originally, the Olympic Games dated from the Mycenaean times and were held in honor of Zeus.(Athens 2004)
In Greek and Roman times, the track provided for foot races.(Universal World Reference Ency. p.4661) The stadium eventually came to be oval shaped and was sometimes built against a hill in order to enable spectators to view the races from elevated seats out into the hill. (ibid) The games were originally designated exclusively for young Greek males confronting each other for the glory and wreath of olive leaves,(Athens 2004) because Olympia was dedicated to Zeus and was therefore sacred area for men. The venue of most sports events was at the temple of Zeus in the fields of Olympia. Thus, the early games were held in the character of a festival of sports.(History of Olympic Games) The Olympic Games were highly regarded as the festival that they would even stop wars to give way for the start of the festival every full moon of August.