Aston manor brewery

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Reflective Essay The Aston Manor Brewery is a United Kingdom based brewery and beer bottling company. It is situated in Aston, Birmingham, England. The Aston Manor’s major products include cider, beer, and perry. In the year 2008, Aston brewery emerged the third largest cider producing company in the United Kingdom. This rating was based on the market share and in the same capacity, it was rated the fourth largest producer of the same product in the world. Peter Ellis, the son of Doug Ellis is the manager of the Aston Company (Aston Manor Brewery, 2013. Pg. 01). In the year 2008, Frosty Jack’s Cider was the United Kingdom’s leading white cider brands. It is also worth noting that it is among other three Hammer brands. Four former employees of the Ansells founded Aston Manor in the year 1981 after Ansells closed one of its brewery that was known as the Aston Cross brewery. This led to the opening of a new brewery in the nearby lane, the Thimble Mill Lane. In the year 1984, Michael Hancocks, the then Herefordshire hop farmer and one of the major suppliers of the company, bought into the business. By the end of the year 1998, Aston Manor reported a profit turnover of ?1 million that included mainly over 70 percent sales of cider. However, by the year ending 2001, the company experienced immense competition leading to a decline of its profit to ?740,500. Nonetheless, by the end of the financial year 2009, the company reported immense profit of ?3 million. This significant increase in profit was pegged on the increased demand for the company’s products in the entire United Kingdom. It is worth noting that during the same year, the company took over the management of the Devon Cider Company that was based in the Tiverton. Devon up to that time had expanded its manufacturing facilities at its site of operation (Martin Information, Ltd, 1900. Pg. 92) and merging these two companies gave the Aston Manor a new face of production come its success. Despite being an international business, the Aston Company remains 100 percent family owned, a factor that makes it deliver the finest products in the market (Aston Manor Brewery, 2013. Pg. 01). Additionally, the company owns over 300 acres of orchards from which it is stocked with Bittersweet apple trees that it uses to produce a wide range of cider drinks that covers the whole market. The products range from high end premium brands of mass market products with the former including Duchy Originals while that latter includes Frosty Jack’s Cider. The main strategic objective of the Aston Manor is to craft a range of ciders to suit everyone and very taste and this will expand the market for all the Aston manor’s products. The Aston Manor is a leading brewery for drinks in a business of its own. It creates its own market as well as distributed a series of cider brands both in the United Kingdom and globally. In all its products, Aston Manor produces a range of quality cider products that are made from sustainable means that are responsible for sourcing customers and markets and this is the means the company intends to expand its market for all its products. It is worth noting Aston Manor is committed to the industry best practice that has accelerated its accentuated membership into the national association of cider manufacturer (NACM). Moreover, it is a member of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) that ensures that it adheres to the global standards for food