Asteroid Impact Discussion

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Asteroid Impact Discussion I am now in charge of the Near Earth Object (NEO) which identifies any object with a diameter of ½ km. in size or larger that crosses the Earths orbit, so we need now to make a list of things we should or could do if a NEO was going to impact the Earth within two years. also, we have to highlight the top three things and discuss them with the classmates. Initially, asteroid will be destroyed with an assistance of direct nuclear explosions. then, it goes nearby nuclear explosions, and ultimately laser sublimation. Firstly, due to a possibility of direct nuclear explosions, we could blow an asteroid out of the sky like so much interplanetary skeet (Keim, 2009). Accordingly, the pieces could still hit Earth, and we might not have enough firepower to do serious damage. (Atkinson, 2009) Secondarily, a nuclear explosion could reroute a space rocks trajectory clear of Earth. (Keim, 2009) but, from the other perspective, this would need to be done decades before the asteroid reached us (Atkinson, 2009). Thirdly, it could be annihilated with an assistance of direct beams of concentrated sunlight to the surface of an appropriately icy asteroid. (Keim, 2009) Except these ones, there are also another variants that have their own pros and cons as well. For example, electric propulsion, gravity tractor, solar salls, etcetera. (Atkinson, 2009) As for me, and it will be going on as an overall conclusion, that among these variants of annihilating asteroids the aforesaid three are the most vital: direct nuclear explosions, nearby nuclear explosions, and laser sublimation. To conclude with, first one needs too much nuclear power embodied in a bomb but theretically it sounds effectively. furthermore, second one is needed to be concentrated very carefully on the asteroids orbit to push it off from the Earth. finally, beams of the concentrated sunlight could be regarded as very sufficient in case that average temperature of the asteroid is not higher that of sunlight. if not, they will only increase the overall temperature of the asteroid. Works CitedAtkinson, N. How we will prepare for an asteroid impact? New York: SpaLab, 2009. Keim, B. How to defend Earth against the asteroid strike. New York: NASA, 2009.