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For up to three extra credit points, please click on the below link, choose an issue or topic* that you feel strongly about, and read arguments on each side of the issue. Observe your own thought processes and behaviors as you read through the arguments, and apply material from the course to your experience. DO NOT summarize the arguments or apply the course material to the arguments themselves – this is about your experience in reading the arguments for AND against your preexisting opinion on the topic.You’ll follow the discussion guidelines regarding citations, including your word count, etc. (however, only one post is required; you do not need to respond to other classmates’ posts). Your post must be between 300 and 500 words (due 11:59 pm, May 22nd).*PLEASE NOTE: Do not choose any of the topics that include “Presidential Election” in the title – those do not provide pro/con arguments; instead, they summarize candidates’ positions on various issues. That will not work well for this assignment. There may be a few other places where no pros and cons are given (just summaries of topics), so please be sure to choose a topic where actual pros and cons are provided.17/05/202020psychology