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PowerPoint LAB FINAL PROJECTThis final project has three parts and each part builds on each other as you learn the software. Part 3: PowerPointThe Task: Use your new skills to create a Presentation to show your projected sales for your new product. If you need some brainstorming, ask your instructor. It is important to have an intro slide with your name and the inventions name. You always want to have a conclusion slide in your presentations. This should help you as you create. Create a professional looking Presentation in Microsoft Office PowerPoint to introduce your new product. Be sure to use the following:• Between 8 & 10 slides with a theme (including Title, Introduction, and Conclusion Slide) (10 points)• Formatted Image (5 points)• Formatted Text (5 points)• Animation (10 points)• Transitions (5 points)• Include Screen Capture of Flyer (5 points)• Include Screen Capture of Spreadsheet (5 points)• Professional look of Background (10 points)• Correct Spelling and Professional Look/Overall Completeness (15 points)• SmartArt (10 points)• Multimedia Audio OR Video – it can be your own voice or an audio clip or video clip. (20 points)Steps to Include Screen Capture:1. Open document you want to capture.2. View document on computer screen how you prefer to view it. For example, use the zoom bar to move the zoom in or out to view the whole document or a piece of it.3. Leave the document and go to your presentation software.4. Click into the Insert Tab.5. Go to the Illustrations Grouping.6. Click the down arrow on the Screenshot button.7. Select Screen Clipping.8. Pause! 9. The screen will revert to the LAST screen you were using.10. The Screen will turn grey.11. The mouse turns into a crosshair.12. Move the mouse to the top left of the image you want to crop out of your screen.13/05/202020computerscience