Assignment 1 Installing the Microsoft Office Suite

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Installing The Microsoft Office Suite Installing The Microsoft Office Suite There are various components in the Microsoft Office Suite that is pre-installed in my computer. These components include the Microsoft Office Word, Access, Excel, Groove, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and PowerPoint (Perry, 2007). The concern that I have with the preinstalled software is whether the software is up-to-date, whether it is a full version of the software and whether it is an original or a pirated version. I believe that the component of Microsoft Office Word will be very easy to learn as well as explain. I believe that it will be very easy to learn and explain this portion of Microsoft Office suite because I have quite a bit amount of experience with similar components offered by other companies. I have previously used the software of OpenOffice that comprised of a similar component. It will even be easy to learn this component as there is a help option along this component and by following the information provided in the help option I can easily learn the basics of the component. Once the basics are learned, the rest can easily be learned with some time spent on it. The most difficult component of the software is Access which is a tool used for creating databases. I have never used such a component and I am not even aware regarding its uses. The help option provides direction regarding how to use the component but the instructions are too difficult to follow.
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