Assess the potential financial benefits of an environmentally friendly hotel organisation

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Simultaneously, they allow their guests to carry on their high-quality and beneficial things for the environment. Several tourists are fascinated with the green hotel because it is taking steps to preserve the environment from destructive influences. Environmentally friendly hotels contribute a positively towards the conservation of water and energy resources, reduced the consumption of natural resources through mass facilities and newspaper program, etc.The natural environment refers to the different places of the earth where all non living and living things exist. A natural environment can consist of the jungles, deserts, swamps, forests, mountains, and sea water where different species of animals and plants exist.This term is used to deal with the relations and contacts of human beings with the natural environment. Environmental management is concerned about the affect of human societies towards the environment (Robbins 59, 2001). It seeks to ensure that negative influences are removed in order to protect the environment from harm. It seeks to promote eco friendly and sustainable policies which allow the interaction of human society with nature in harmony and agreement. Sustainable policies involve the correct use of resources and policies which would be beneficial for humanity in its interaction with the environment.This particular field of environmental management is concerned that the hospitality industry should promote policies and procedures which ensure that the environment is conserved. This includes numerous issues like water and energy conservation (Robbins 60, 2001). It can also include the use of biodegradable substances for washing and detergents. It seeks to minimize the use of harmful chemicals in paints, soaps, furniture, and carpets which can negatively affect the health of people.These types of hotels pursue eco friendly and sustainable policies which