Assert what you believe is an important theme in The Great Gatsby

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Here the story is emotionally built with an underlying theme of lack of honesty in relationship of the characters. (Thesis) Discussing the Theme When looking at the novel from the perspective of honesty ,we can observe that the characters in the novel has nurtured corrupted ethical principles. None in the story except George has complied on honesty and all of them keep liaison with someone else’s husband or wife. Generally speaking, honesty is the most important aspect in any relationship and in its absence relationship decay and falls out to be absurd. The story exclusively enhances the dishonesty and infidelity among the characters and it has been projected by the author that in absence of honesty human life leads to fatalistic future. Analysis of honesty in novel Honesty is a moral element in human life and relationships and without it personal life of an individual is disastrous. In this story, the first narrator Nick has not been honest in detailing the plot as he is favorable to Gatsby and his dishonest character. Nick knew Gatsby has affection for Daisy and still he manages to arrange a get together for both Gatsby and Daisy .This dishonesty portrayed by Nick allows Gatsby and Daisy to start an affair which culminates all the characters in the story to violence and disaster. Here the story overall is based on dishonesty of the narrator himself to all the characters in the novel. Nick is even a reason for the re- unification of Gatsby and daisy which is pathetic. Nick is aware that Gatsby is an illegal business man and despite this fact, he admires him, which in its very essence is a dishonest feeling. Apart from this he pushed Gatsby into more evil deed by connecting him with his married cousin Daisy. If he had been an honest man he would have kept himself aloof from Gatsby and would not have taken initiative to connect latter and Daisy. Also Nick himself has a lover in this novel with whom he is less honest. This fact is evident in the end where he abandons her and leaves for America. Here the narrator himself is depicting dishonesty which very well justify the theme of the novel. Gatsby and his honesty Gatsby in the introduction of the novel itself is projected as a dishonest wealthy man. The only honest element in his character is the fidelity he maintains regarding his love life. He honestly loves Daisy and is longing to be with her despite knowing her marital status. However here too we can see that he is urging for a woman who is married which has a shade of dishonesty in it. He further with the help of Nick courts with her which is an attribute parallel with the theme of the novel. He commits more of dishonesty when he keeps relationship with someone else’s wife. Here even he gets killed for the illegal and dishonest way of his living. Daisy’s dishonesty Daisy in this story had an affair with Gatsby in the early days of their life. However she gets married to Tom who is a wealthy man and leads a comfortable married life, even though without her knowledge her husband is leading a double life. Tom has a mistress and Daisy is unaware of this fact .But when she meets Gatsby