Aspects of the Fundamentals of Speech Class in APA Style

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The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information by speech is very crucial in our daily lives.The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language states that communication is The art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas. Speech is used in our everyday lives, whether or not we realize it. It is not
something that we learn in school and will never implement in real life. One who can communicate more effectively will more likely gain better success in all areas-personal,
academic, and professional of life. Speech, or public speaking, involves organizing ideas, researching these ideas, and presenting them to others. We all have many, many
ideas about what we would like to speak about. The difficult part is narrowing it all down to one idea, or topic. The best way to do this is to choose a topic that you are
familiar with and interested in. Use resources such as magazine articles, books, newspapers, television shows, conversations with people, etc. to help gain ideas.
Knowing how to choose the best topic, narrowing it down, and researching (learning more about various subjects) are skills that can improve my daily communication such as
talking with a friend, discussing a topic with a professor, or trying to land a job with an employer.
Fundamentals of Speech 3
Determine what the purpose of your speech. Will you be speaking to inform and
to offer information or will you be writing to try and persuade Informing is to give facts
and information without adding personal opinion. Persuading is to try and change the
attitudes and thoughts of your listeners in order to get them to act upon what you have
said in your speech. The skill of delivering information in a manner that is interesting yet
informative and the power of persuasions helps my listeners to believe what I say.
Speech helps me to be a better storyteller and makes me more social in my personal life.
As I can communicate better verbally, I am more secure about myself and others want to
listen. Professionally and academically this knowledge of delivering information and to
be able to persuade others using speech is an extremely effective tool that will lead to my
success whether I am in class, at an entry level position, or an executive position in the
The best speeches contain your own experience and knowledge of the chosen
topic. Use information from materials such as books, magazines, reference materials, etc.
from various sources. Libraries contain a wealth of information. Interviews, the internet
and visiting various locations can provide the necessary information. Be sure to take
good notes and to give credit to the author of the information that you will be using.
Researching and listing references (or where you got the material) will add credibility to
your speech especially if you are doing a persuasive speech. Learning more about various
subjects helps me to be able to relate to almost anyone. I can appreciate what they are
talking about since I am familiar with their conversation. Researching is a skill that is
required in speech, which helps me be more open-minded and knowledgeable. As I am
Fundamentals of Speech 4
can relate to others better, they will open up and can relate to me more for they know that
I am interested in what they are saying. Academically and professionally, I will also do
well since I will know my roles/job better. If I have a problem, I can research it and if I
still cannot find the answers, I am able to communicate my issues more effectively. If
there is a conflict, I can work my way through it by delivering my point of view better
without stuttering, showing anger, confusion, etc. This will build up my self esteem and I
will feel more secure and it will