Aspect of Human Genetic Engineering

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They say that genetic engineering could be used to find a cure for many incurable human diseases. As already said, genetic engineering is a relatively new science, it is very difficult to say as to what good or harm it could do to mankind (Bethell 38). Intervention in human genetics is something that is still associated with much fear and apprehension. The scientists who are directly associated with human genetic engineering do claim that by replacing some human genes, they can cure many human ailments. Irrespective of the confidence of a significant section of the scientific community in human genetic engineering, there still is not much data that could assure that human genetic engineering is safe. Pragmatically speaking, the human genetic engineering stands to be wrong and unethical because it amounts to the humans playing God, it stands contrary to the essential human values, it is just like the science of eugenics, it is a very risky science, and it could reduce science to a discipline replete with abject greed and commercialism. Human genetic engineering amounts to meddling with something that is beyond human comprehension and understanding. It is akin to playing God (Graham 8). It took nature billions of years to create the earth, its environment, and the man. Thereby, a human configuration is something that happens to be very complex and intricate. There is no human being who can claim that one has the capacity to understand all the aspects of creation and can meddle with the human genetic makeup with perfect confidence and ease. Yet, there are scientists who do have the audacity to say that they could easily manipulate the human genetic makeup to achieve the desired results. There is no denying the fact that such experts are entirely misplaced in their belief and confidence. They simply do not understand the complexity and immensity of the natural world around them. Driven by their misplaced beliefs theyare willing to play God.