Asias Global Future in Business Culture

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This paper makes a conclusion that that although globalisation is likely to bring about a gradual change in Asian business culture, it is highly unlikely that the Asia, which consists of many different cultures, religions and schools of thought can be radically changed as a whole. Americans still have a unique culture and for that matter a business culture despite being exposed to the attention and criticism of business people, governments and religious groups from all over the world. The way in which things are done in a country or a homogeneous culture have been shaped over prolonged periods of time and business culture also includes components that are of benefit to vested interests in a society along with religious values that are guarded with great zeal. Hence, although the forces of globalisation are likely to bring about greater understanding and perhaps some good ideas, any change in Asian business culture is likely to be far more gradual. Even though people in certain areas of a country are exposed to interactions with foreigners, not all of the people and regions within a vast country are likely to be able to benefit from such interactions. Exposure to foreign media does not bring about radical change because what is viewed is considered to be an interesting cultural oddity which can be seen but not practised. Business people deal with situations in order to try and maximise gain and thus a lot of the so called business culture is designed to protect vested interests.