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The liberal feminist theory which aims at making the women much more pronounced in the public sphere and promoting gender equality in this area as well is used as a theoretical framework and to further emphasize the need for the labor policy. Women’s trend in the working world has been changing for the better in the last couple of years as they start integrating in the job market. Their numbers in these jobs still remain lower compared to that of men and they still hold the majority shares in the less prestigious jobs as well as in the low paying jobs. This is associated with their lack of training, education, and even the necessary skills required for advancing to better positions. They have lacked the opportunity to do so as well as having to handle the hurdles of patriarchy which is still largely in existence in the society (Nebraska Department of Labor, 2015). The labor policy in discussion is meant to increase the labor force participation rate of women. This labor policy is meant to solve this problem for women once and for all making it easier for women to advance to better job positions. It will provide the opportunity to enable them to get training, education as well as increase their skills required in the job markets. This will eliminate the social and cultural barriers as well as make the women avoid the negative effects of patriarchy which subordinates them in relation to the men. Women’s integration into the job market in the low positions with men still on top of them career-wise and in power made their subordination and discrimination problems much worse as they still had no say. The education, training as well as the skills which will be provided according to the labor policy will provide the women with incentives to raise themselves from their minority position to that of superiority. They will also be able to raise their voices and be heard by the men in the society which will lead to their concerns about their rights being raised again and supported bythem.