Arts Administration Must Pay Attention to the Infiltration between the Arts and the Media

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Art has been an integral part of the societies since antiquity. however, the different forms of art have evolved during the course of time. In addition to the arts comprising image creations, which include paintings, photography, and sculptures, the field of art is also extended to various other forms that include theatre, music, dance and film among others. Therefore, with the diversification of arts, it has established a noticeable scope for infiltration between media and art. However, more emphasis is necessary to be provided regarding the inclusion of media into art administration in order to provide greater scope for the artists as well as the audiences to interact with each other (Morris, 2001). Media plays a major role in establishing a relationship between the artists and the audiences and thus, implementing an effective form of media in the Art museums is inherently necessary to display the talent of the artists to the global audiences. Art administration possesses a significant role in the implementation of the most effective and efficient media that would serve beneficial to establish an effective relationship between the museum and the audiences (Byrnes, 2009). It is in this context that technological advancements have led to the development of various forms of media and thus, it is extremely decisive to select the media form that suits best to communicate with the audiences. In this regard, it is notable that the internet has become one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of such media programs, which is favorable for business establishments and organizations to communicate and promote their products and services to the targeted customers (Patil amp. Bhakkad, 2014).