Article Analysis of 11 Ways to Critique an Article by Mike Metcalfe

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The systems for thinking perspective and T.O.P perspective styles have been chosen as this article needs to have an explicitly straight conclusion. Moreover, the ethical issues concerning the organization have also not been given adequate treatment in the article which makes it a one-sided communication on the part of the author. Also, certain other critical issues concerning the article involve lack of adequate clarification on the part of the author regarding various key issues such as what would be the resultant consequences in case of failure on the part of the employee / prospective employee to adhere to the rules and regulations governing the protection of privacy of the organizational data. Are there any legal obligations involved? Will the defaulter be fined/punished? What kind of criminal/civil laws shall be imposed on them? The article fails to present the solutions to these basic questions which is why the simple argument perspective style is applied to this article.Also, the writer shows a complete lack of presentation in terms of disclosure of important information, by avoiding citing of relevant and clear examples that would have helped the readers to comprehend the information presented in a more suitable manner.